Hobnobbing can make sure locks are set up so a single key can bypass all locks. We can also rekey previously owned locks to a new key. Can work with all forms of entry locks: mortise, electronic, tubular, multi-point.

Installation Advice

Paul has been installing these products over the past 30 years. Everything from mortise front entry locks to your basic deadbolt, as well as all cabinetry and bath accessories. Whatever questions you may have, Paul will get you an answer.

Product Advice

If you’re shopping online and want to see the physical product, stop into the store for viewing. Please note, there will be a consulting fee if you need further assistance. 

Location Listing for Builders

Label each piece individually based on where they go within a house. As builders order large quantities of hardware, this allows them to proceed in a quicker fashion with the right product in the right place.